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Can ANY organization create fighter pilot attitudes at the workplace?


Our consultants and speakers are former Air Force pilots. Our pilots have coached human performance and leadership to fighter pilots and Air Force pilots in risky, unforgiving and hostile environments. Our pilots understand the stresses and eye-watering standards of precision required to perform flawlessly at high speed and sometimes very close to the ground, whilst keeping a cool head and allowing their students to make errors so that they can learn from their own mistakes.

Instructor Pilots possess a certain rare balance between confidence and humility; risk and safety and; assertiveness and obedience. We can bring some of these attributes into your workplace. We reveal the real attitude of fighter pilots and aim to help propel your workforce to new heights by sharing some of the universal truths of being a human in the cockpit of a powerful and lethal machine.



Training a fighter pilot revolves around three aspects. Knowledge, skills, attitude. The knowledge required to be a pilot can be obtained at the Air Academy or flight school through books, online training, live classes and lots of study. The skills required to be a pilot can be obtained in an airplane, a flight simulator, or even on a chair at home doing chair flying- pilot talk for mental preparation for the mission simply sitting on a chair and imagining the entire mission whilst moving hands fingers and feet in a make-believe rehearsal of the real flight. The most important thing of teaching fighter pilot and also the most difficult thing to teach a fighter pilot is the attitude, also referred to as airmanship. Airmanship is an understanding of those human factors at play when people in small teams in harsh dynamic and challenging scenarios have to perform at their peak.

Now, it might come as a surprise that training a fighter pilot is rather similar to many other walks of life. Many jobs around the world also requires knowledge skills and attitude. In order to be successful and safe. However we at Cockpit: Be the Pilot have no intention of teaching you the knowledge and skills of your profession. However we strongly believe that the attitude required to fly a fighter jet, Military Transporters, or Air Force helicopters, known as the airmanship required to fly successfully and safely, can be exported to industries like yours. These techniques also work around the office and even right up into the boardroom. We can tailor a specific agenda for our engagement with you. You can choose items from our topics menu that suit your needs. Or heck, choose them all, and we’ll spend as much time with you and your people as you require. Our promise to you is that you and your people will have a great and memorable time learning pilot skills like communication using real radios, fighter tactics applied to business, but most importantly how to be truly human under stressful and demanding situations, utilizing proven techniques based on scientific knowledge used in the cockpit by some of the world’s best pilots in aerial warfare, air rescue and airline operations.



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Pilot SKILLS applied to BUSINESS and LIFE

Pilot SKILLS applied to BUSINESS and LIFE


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