Sapiens culture

Sapiens culture

We make abstract concepts tangible, using a data-driven approach. Translating scientific research in anthropology, social science and psychology into powerful actions, we help some of the most successful organizations transform their intercultural and organizational challenges into business success stories. Providing high quality expert services and solutions in the field of culture and management based on science and a wealth of practical experience. Our consultants are certified practitioners and coaches at the world renowned culture organization: Hofstede Insights.


The corporate culture of your organization is one of its greatest strategic assets. Our 6-Dimension Multi-Focus Model helps you better understand, manage and ultimately transform your culture.


Cultural diversity makes an organization stronger. Using the renowned Hofstede 6-D Model, we will show you how to manage an international workforce and projects to become more successful across borders.


We deliver a total safety solution by combining advanced safety techniques, systems and tools with a range of consulting services that focus on the most critical aspects of safety.

Safety Area

Psychological Safety with safeSPACE
Safety culture
Human performance
Risk competence
Safety leadership
Readiness to respond to risk

A leading provider of competency based training solutions for the mining, processing and manufacturing industries around the world since 1994. And now, since 2021 Psychological Safety with safeSPACE.​

Corrie Pitzer, a global thought leader in new thinking on safety, is at the helm of Safemap, where humans are regarded as the strongest link in the safety chain.