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Executive performance coaching as unique as you.

Chris VanderWalt has coached hundreds of aspiring fighter pilots to harness their knowledge and skills under pressure to ensure a desired outcome. All while developing an attitude towards risk that results not only in a safer and more enjoyable workplace, but also one where everyone can thrive and leaders can be admired.

With you as the captain, Chris will be your co-pilot during the turbulent times, a sounding board in uncertain times and a wingman when you need support. We offer consulting, mentoring, coaching and training in leadership, management, culture, a new paradigm on safety, psychological safety and our innovative program on positive human factors in a cognitively robust and intellectually generous environment.​

If you believe the answer to successful leadership lies within the leader, that organizational culture can be shaped, and that everyone in the workplace has a voice that wants to be heard – give us a call for a briefing.​

“If leading your people involves change, I’d love to help you make it for good.”

– Chris VanderWalt (2021)


Coaching like nowhere else​ for the most dynamic business leaders and influencers.

SAPIENS exec is a bespoke blend of consulting, training and coaching, offering the full array of the SAPIENS@WORK inventory.

All Inclusive

12 months $94,900

18 months $139,900

6 months $59,900